Best things to do on Norfolk Island – 2023 Guide

Norfolk Island is most famous for its convict past and fascinating Bounty mutineers’ history, but there’s so much more to this beautiful little gem in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand.


One of my favourite things about Norfolk Island is the ability to just walk straight off the beach at Emily Bay and be instantly snorkelling amongst beautiful coral gardens teeming with fish!

Glass bottom boat tour

If you’d love to experience Norfolk’s beautiful underwater world but don’t want to get wet, then Christian’s Glass Bottom Boat Tours at Emily Bay are for you!

Scuba diving

With over 60 species of marine life and dozens of dive sites in the crystal-clear waters around Norfolk Island, scuba divers love the variety of options here.

Moreton Bay Fig Trees

The huge Moreton Bay Fig Trees that line Headstone Road are an iconic part of Norfolk Island, especially for photographers. The best time to come here and photograph them is during golden hour where the stunning golden light illuminates the trees and their gigantic roots.

Some of these trees are believed to be over 200 years old and you can spend hours taking it all in. Just across the road is the access point to Hundred Acres Reserve.

Explore neighbouring Phillip Island

One of the most striking places you’re ever likely to visit, Phillip Island is a breathtaking little Mars-like landscape 6km south of Norfolk.

Known as the “Uluru of the South Pacific”, the vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and purples that dominate the island’s terrain make it feel like you’re on another planet.

Sunset picnic at Anson Bay

For the ultimate way to end the day on Norfolk, grab a picnic and head to Anson Bay! There’s lots of great little spots to sit back and relax with a cheese platter and a glass of wine.


Cockpit Waterfall on the northern side of Norfolk is the only regular waterfall on the island. There’s actually two waterfalls to see here, the first you can spot from the boardwalk and the second requires a little bit of adventuring.

Beach hopping

Whether you like snorkelling, surfing, SUPing, kayaking or just lazing on the sand, Norfolk has a beach to suit you!

Emily Bay and Slaughter Bay are your best bets if you like snorkelling with beautiful coral gardens and lots of fish. The calm protected waters here are also great for SUPing and kayaking.

Surfers have a few spots to choose from. Depending on the swell, Bumboras, Anson or just outside the reef at Slaughter Bay are all popular.

Island Fish Fry

The famous Norfolk Island Fish Fry is a must for everyone that visits the island! The evening includes delicious local dishes, fantastic fried fish, dancing from the Baunti Byuutis and is set out overlooking the beautiful cliffs near Puppy’s Point.

Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site

No trip to Norfolk is complete without exploring the Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site. For those not familiar, Norfolk Island was one of the harshest convict settlements in the British Empire which operated until 1855.

Hundred Acres Reserve

The Hundred Acres Reserve has one of my favourite walking tracks on the island. It’s a 2.3km long loop that takes you through a lush forest and along stunning cliffs.

Cafes and restaurants

There’s plenty of fantastic dining options on Norfolk, a few of my favourites include The Golden Orb Cafe, The Olive Cafe, Bounty Bar and Grill, the Bowls Club Bistro and Enitaim Cafe.

For dinners, I’d recommend calling ahead to book a table as it can get quite busy!


A fun spot for the family, the Strawberry Fields Garden and Hedgemaze on Mission Road will keep the kids entertained for hours. There are two mazes, a smaller one that is a good warm up for the kids and then the larger one that is great for all ages.

Stargazing Tour in a Gold Level Dark Sky Zone

One of the big advantages of being on Norfolk Island, hundreds of km’s from anyone else, is that there’s very little light pollution here, in fact it’s so dark that it’s been awarded status as a Gold Level Dark Sky Town. This means it’s a sensational spot for star gazing and you can even take part in a guided astro tour of the night sky.

Mt Pitt Lookout

For sensational 360 degree views of Norfolk Island, you can’t go past Mt Pitt. It’s the second highest point on the island at 320 meters and you can either drive or walk up here.

Music Valley Experience

Learn all about Norfolk’s fascinating history and culture in the Music Valley Experience. Jane shares her knowledge and stories about the island including the exotic endemic plants, traditional arts and crafts and rare artefacts that are an important part of Norfolk’s history.

Bounty Museum

History lovers, you’ll also want to include a visit to the Bounty Museum during your stay. There’s room after room of artefacts, photos and memorabilia from all stages of Norfolk’s past.

Learn the local language and the Norfolk Wave

A unique aspect to Norfolk Island is the local language known as “Norf’k”. It’s a mix of old English and Tahitian that evolved from the Bounty mutineers that lived on Pitcairn Island.

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