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It was nicknamed ‘Hell in the Pacific’ in the 1700’s by troublemakers who found themselves caught up in the penal system, we can assure you that these days this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Norfolk Island is a spec of land, 1600km Northeast of Sydney, popping out of the Pacific Ocean somewhere between New Zealand and New Caledonia. Pine trees, rugged cliffs, pristine water, coral reefs and uncrowded waves – doesn’t sound like ‘hell’ to me.

Pricey flights keep the crowds to a minimum, razor sharp reefs form barrels without a droplet out of place and strong southerly swells give chargers some swell worth chasing. It’s a surfing destination that should definitely be on your radar.

Longboarding aficionado Jack Entwistle recently hopped over to Norfolk for a week of exploring between WSL events. Although the swell he and mate, Nic Jones, were after came up a little short, they managed to track down a few fun ones, nonetheless.

In need of a photographer and with family on the island, Jack had the inside word that local Zach Sanders would be the best camera wielding sidekick anyone could hope for. After all, a story is just a tale unless there’s proof!

Check out the video and start planning your trip to Norfolk Island, it’ll be worth it even if it’s just to unwind in green pastures.

The island has 5 main surf breaks:

Bumboras Beach which is a great favourite with the locals.

Slaughter Bay Kingston is an exposed reef break that has reasonably consistent surf, although summer tends to be mostly flat.

Anson Bay is a secluded bay, located down a cliff face. Once you have completed the trek, you will find yourself in a beautiful location.

Cemetery Beach located at the end of the historic cemetery in Kingston. Only really an option on the high tide.

Balls Bay located on the South Eastern corner of the island, is another great spot to try with the right conditions.

Secret Locations, you had better ask the locals when you are on island.

Finding Gonad Man Living Large on Norfolk Island

by Derek Morrison – October 10, 2018

What is it about island living that sets a pace of life that is two parts relaxation, two parts lifestyle and one part work? Norfolk Island is a little rock in the South Pacific with exactly these values. It impressed us with its character, abundance of waves and an actual resident Gonad Man.

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Credit : Kit Wilson