Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden

Covering 5.5. hectares, the Norfolk Island Botanic Garden boasts a unique collection of plants endemic to Norfolk Island.

The original garden was owned by Mrs Pat Moore and covered 0.6 hectares. Mrs Moore (nee Annie Eliza Kirkpatrick) moved to Norfolk Island from New Zealand in 1949. She purchased the property and planted numerous species of plants found only on Norfolk Island, starting the collection that became the basis for the Norfolk Island Botanic Garden.

Before she returned to New Zealand in 1975, Mrs Moore made it possible for the Norfolk Island Administration to take over the management of the area, ensuring that her hard work, dedication and vision would not be lost to future residents and visitors.

In 1986 the Norfolk Island Botanic Garden was declared a part of the new Norfolk Island National Park.

The garden displays a collection of Norfolk Island’s unique flora and has a strong emphasis on increasing knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of Australia’s plant heritage.

The Norfolk Island Botanic Garden also houses the Discovery Centre, where visitors can learn more about the incredible plants and animals found in the Norfolk Island group.

Discovery Centre

The centre is open from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm 7 days a week. Entry is free.

The Discovery Centre is in the beautiful Botanic Garden. Find us on Mission Road just past the Grassy Road turn-off.

Explore the natural wonders of Norfolk Island National Park at the Discovery Centre.

This purpose-built centre is a must-visit on your Norfolk explorations. Here you’ll find out more about the fascinating natural history of Norfolk Island, from the many species of seabirds that flock here every year to our unique array of plant life.

Discover how the Norfolk group of Islands were created almost three million years ago and how our amazing animals and plants found their way here.

Download your Discovery Centre factsheet here:

View of the Discovery Centre from the walkway

Inside the Discovery Centre