Huntley Film Archives (1950)


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View of the Australian flag blowing in the wind. Early settlement sites and convict prisons in Australia. 

Title on background of waves crashing.  Text about Norfolk Island.  Aerial view of Norfolk Island which is home to many descendants of the mutineers from the HMS Bounty.  Aerial view of the coastline.  Aerial view of runway.  A plane landing.  Plane taxiing.  Passengers getting off plane.  Landscape.  Pine trees.  Kingston, Norfolk Island the second oldest British settlement in the Pacific.  View of old jail and current government headquarters.  Two women walk past a bungalow.  Quality Row, Kingston the original main street.  The original barracks.  A man on a horse ride away from the camera.  A horse and carriage trot past in the opposite direction.  A residential home.  A man walks between two pine trees.  A woman walks up steps to a veranda.  Two women pick flowers.  Close up of flowers.  The cable station at Ansons Bay.  View down the hillside where the cables run.  Aerial view of sea where a boat sails.  Closer view of boat.  A convict-built wharf and the ruins of the whaling station.  Women and children on the wharf watching a motorboat.  Cargo being transferred to the motorboat.  House where the Australian explorer William Charles Wentworth was born.  The ruins of the convict built old stables.  Three people pass through one of the archways.  Ruins of the jail and the old gallows.  View of war memorial through a break in the jail walls.  A man goes into the dungeons.  A man crouches by a primitive plough that was drawn by convicts.  Close up of plough.  Two horses and riders go towards the Bloody Bridge where the convicts walled up a prison guard.  The two riders dismount and look at the bridge.  View of common grave holding the convicts involved at the incident at Bloody Bridge.  A man in shorts inspects a headstone.  View of cemetery.  People tending the graves.  Grave of Fletcher Christian.  Another grave.  Two recent graves with crosses for headstones.  Fields.  Animals grazing.  A team of horses pulling a plough.  Mr Adams is the farmer behind the plough.  Close up of Mr Adams rolling a cigarette.  Mrs Christian with her dog in her garden.  Mr Ben Knott in his garden.  A man walks past palm trees.  Close up of a tree bearing fruit.  A local girl picks wild growing guava fruit.  View of guava fruit on the tree.  Two girls picking and eating guava fruit.  A spider in its web prodded by a stick.  A man and a woman reach the top of a cliff.  The woman carries a long pole.  They have been fishing.  They pause under a tree and the man empties the fish out of the sack he is carrying.  The woman crouches and picks up a fish.  Close up of woman in a very silly bonnet.  Hugo Quintal chopping logs.  Close up of Hugo with axe.  View of Harry Quintal making tortoise shell ornaments.  Close up of ornament. Mrs Nod holds a flower which she sniffs.  Next to her sit’s young girl.  Mrs Nod is a descendant of Reverend Nod who brought Christianity to the island.  Children play outside a school.  Inside a classroom pupils’ study.  The teacher.  Close up of children.  Model of a ship.  A man and boy stand either side of a very rusty gun.  Close up of boy who is a sixth-generation direct descendant of Fletcher Christian and called Fletcher.  Close up of gun which came from HMS Bounty.  Men on golf course.  Men playing bowls.  A group of young people riding.  The group riding through woods.  Close up of riders resting and chatting amongst themselves.  Members of the community entering the Memorial Chapel.  A toddler climbs the chapel steps.  Inside are marblework and shell mosaics by students from the Solomon Islands.  Close up of the inlaid ends of hand carved pews.  View of hand carved lectern.  The minister turns the pages of the Bible on the lectern.  Stained glass windows.  Landscape.  A mother with her son and daughter.  Landscape.  A young couple.  Tree. Young woman.  Pine tree.  Coast.