Our Norfolk Island Story

Preview only - - TRAILER RELEASE!

Watawieh orl yorlye and waelkam to Our Norfolk Island Story – a documentary about Norfolk Island and its people, told by us, the Norfolk Islanders.

This is our official trailer, with the final film being released by the end of this year. This film began as part of the ’75th Anniversary of Pacific Peace’ celebrations that took place on Norfolk in 2020, in a bid to document the resilent spirit of the Norfolk Island salan. Over the past three years the film has transformed into a more complete telling of auwas story, however the intention remains the same – to pay homage to orl dem salan who built Norfolk into what it is today and inspire auwas letl salan to keep celebrating and honouring wathing wi gat. From working the ship, to tales of whaling and war, this film is about survival and the strength of community. It is also a story of celebration because we continue to come out of all hardships still laughing and loving hard. We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who helped contribute to this project, for this is truely a community project, powered by the love and faith of many. We can’t wait to share the finished product with yorlye! English translation of Norf’k narration: “This is our Norfolk Island story. This island is our home. We are the custodians of this island, the land and the ocean around us. Come join us, learn about our history and our culture. Let us show you how we used to live and help you to understand what this island means to us all. We are descendants of strong people. We know our heritage, and we will continue to honour and celebrate it. We are the people of Norfolk Island, and this is our story”.

Film Narration: Chelsea Evans

Film Imagery and Edit: Nat Grube & Luca Fox


Q What is the story behind the logo design please ?

This exquisite logo was created by local artist Sue Pearson. When Our Norfolk Island Story (ONIS) committee presented Sue with our concept for the logo, she understood immediately the symbolism we wanted to convey. Sue set to work creating hand-drawn elements that would represent not only auwas past and present, but also our hope for the future.

Design Elements & Symbolism:

* Hannah and George Adams with child - auwas cultural heritage, the passing down of precious knowledge.
* The Six Vertical Tapa Lines - auwas Polynesian foremothers, use of the 'Hitiaurevareva' tapa design.
* Two Pointed Triangles - Norfolk and Pitcairn, the two islands we identify with.
* Eight Waves - the eight families represented, people of the ocean.
* Pine Needles arching towards each other - togetherness.
* Pine Seed - future generations.
* Pine Seedling - auwas youth.
* Pine Tree - auwas elders.

We are indebted to your storytelling mana Sue, thaenks f aklan