Prinke Eco Store & Café

Promoting the art of living simply

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🌿 Prinke Eco Store & Café : Your Eco-Friendly Adventure on Our Island Paradise! 🌿

🌞 Relax and Recharge: Step into our cozy café and let the island’s serene vibes wash over you. Enjoy a cup of great coffee or tea and savor delectable treats. Whether you dine in or take your favorite beverages and snacks to go, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we offer FREE Starlink Wi-Fi for your convenience.

🛒 Shop Responsibly: Prinke Eco Store & Café invites you to shop with a purpose. Explore our bulk organic foods, from mouthwatering granola to exotic spices, and purchase only what you need. Join us in reducing waste and making a positive impact on our environment.

🎁 Discover Local Treasures: Immerse yourself in Norfolk Island’s unique culture by exploring our wide range of locally crafted products and one-of-a-kind gifts. Every purchase supports our community and celebrates our heritage.

🌱 Eco-Friendly Alternatives: Choose from a diverse selection of reusable household items and sustainable gift ideas that help you minimize your environmental footprint. Elevate your eco-living style with Prinkie!

🍽️ Custom Food Packs: Tourists, enhance your stay’s convenience. Reach out to us before your arrival, and we’ll create a custom food pack tailored to your preferences. Enjoy free delivery to your accommodation and savor the flavors of Norfolk Island at your own pace.

📜 Local Language Lesson: Take a moment to explore the local Norf’k language on our wall. Learn the significance of “Prinke” and immerse yourself in our island’s rich culture.

🌍 Your Gateway to Green Living: Prinke Eco Store is your portal to a greener and more mindful Norfolk Island experience. Make your visit extraordinary by shopping consciously, dining with us, and connecting with our local community in a sustainable and meaningful way.

Plan your visit and be part of the eco-friendly journey at Prinke Eco Store & Café .

Your adventure starts here!

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1 Review for Prinke Eco Store & Café

info54 4 Reviews
Interesting store … good coffee!

If you’re into everything organic, you’ll find it in abundance at Prinke! Staff were friendly and very helpful, and the 3-seater lounge was great to sit on and chat with the locals

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