Reclaiming Ancestral Heritage


On the 1st of July 2016, the Australian government took control of Norfolk Island, against the wishes of the Norfolk Island people. Documents exposed under Freedom of Information (FOI) stated the Australian government intended to “disengage the Pitcairn culture” of Norfolk Island.

On the 19th of January 2022, Norfolk Islanders Leah and Damian moved into No 8 Quality Row to reclaim the ancestral heritage of the Norfolk Island people.

Damian Finch Press Release ( 9 May 2022 )

The decision was made today to vacate No 8 Quality Row Norfolk Island voluntarily. The protection of our community members comes first and foremost. Around 20 Police were deployed to Norfolk Island to remove the 2 occupants.

The occupation was to promote the rights of the Norfolk Islanders as the custodians of the Island.

Norfolk Islanders live with colonial rule from Canberra some 2500km away. There are no elected representatives and hand-picked advisory committees are deemed appropriate by the Australian Administrator.

Genuine negotiation and addressing grievances were off the table for the Australian Administrator. Instead, criminal proceedings were initiated despite first having a judicial process to ascertain ownership and rights.  Police advised against criminal charges and favoured negotiation and civil proceedings as a remedy.

This is in line with recent behaviour by the Administrator where he has self-proclaimed to be the landlord of the Historic area, a place where Norfolk Islanders hold dear.

A recent rant in his monthly newsletter was aimed at discrediting and squashing all those oppose many controversial changes which he oversees.

This follows on from the removal of self-Government in 2016 and direct colonial rule from Canberra being imposed.

It is also consistent with Freedom of Information requests that confirmed the removal of Islanders from all decision making was aimed at reducing the Pitcairner/ Norfolk Islander influence.

The occupation has put a spotlight high up in the ranks in Canberra that Norfolk is experiencing serious problems as a result of colonial rule. This is manifesting in areas such as Shipping, sustainability, the environment, social cohesion, culture and heritage and many more.

We would like to thank those involved plus the many supporters for their courageous stand.

Also to their knockers, we hope they now realise the implications of their stand. There is now a deeper understanding in the hierarchy of Canberra of the serious issues Norfolk faces due to colonial rule.

The fight is not over. It is just beginning.

Credit : Nat Grube