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The sheltered lagoon-like waters and pine-fringed foreshore of Norfolk Island’s main beach make it an idyllic spot to relax, swim and snorkel.

Bring the family for a day of seaside fun or experience a peaceful getaway at Emily Bay Beach. Regarded by locals as the island’s premier beach, Emily Bay Beach has a broad arc of sandy shoreline and crystal-clear waters protected by a reef on its seaside edge. Laze on the soft white sands or swim and snorkel beneath the bay’s glassy surface.

Make your way through the stand of Norfolk Island pines that back Emily Bay Beach and stroll over the low foredune to the sandy shore. To the south, you’ll see the grass-crowned bluff of Point Hunter and the rocky headlands tumbling down to the reef below. On the other side of the beach, check out the pine-studded headlands that frame the bay’s western side. Pick a patch of sand to lay down your towel and get comfortable. Behind you, towering pines cast narrow shadows on the sand in the mornings and the heat of the day.

Refresh yourself with a swim in the calm waters. Younger kids will love splashing in the shallows. Grab your snorkel gear and explore the world beneath the surface. You’ll find a diverse range of marine critters amid the rocks and reefs. There is a pontoon in the middle of the bay where you can rest between snorkelling sessions.

Go for a stroll along the beach’s sandy expanse and look out across the aquamarine waters to the ocean beyond. You might see large waves crashing against the offshore reef, while barely a ripple reaches the lagoon. Kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding are also popular pastimes at this beach. Join one of the glass-bottomed boat tours that operate at Emily Bay Beach to get a closer look at the reef while staying dry.

Free parking is available on the foreshore and public restrooms are located nearby. The beach is free to visit at any time.

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