Sweeties + Chocolate Factory

Sweeties: Where Memories Meet Deliciousness

Sweeties, the charming ice cream, confectionery, and chocolate shop nestled on Norfolk Island, serves as a haven for those in search of a nostalgic journey and a delectable range of sweet delights. Managed by the dedicated duo of Raewyn and Andrew Maxwell, the store offers a delightful throwback with classic sweets like Chocolate bullets, Choo-Choo Bars, Aniseed Balls, Frosted Caramels, and Freckles. Notably, Sweeties crafts its own chocolates on-site, ensuring the production of high-quality, locally made delicacies. For those seeking unique Norfolk Island souvenirs or whimsical gifts, the store boasts a playful selection, including items such as ‘Cow Patties’ and ‘Steaming Hot Cow Patties,’ inspired by the island’s iconic road cattle, alongside ‘Have You Herd About Norfolk Island?’ packs and ‘pothole filler,’ a nod to the island’s rugged roads.

Furthermore, building on their extensive knowledge of sweet flavours and recipes, Raewyn and Andrew have meticulously crafted a comprehensive range of their ice creams. Their rotating menu features beloved classics like Vanilla, Lime and Coconut, and even unique flavours such as Chai and Lemon Meringue. Raewyn is the maestro behind the ice cream crafting, while Andrew meticulously handcrafts each waffle cone. It’s a labour-intensive Endeavor, especially considering their simultaneous production of hand-crafted chocolates, but the smiles on the faces of customers outside Sweeties are a testament to the satisfaction their offerings bring.

Conveniently located in the heart of Burnt Pine at the roundabout, Sweeties is a place where you’ll frequently encounter delighted patrons savouring their ice creams and waffle cones, all while reminiscing about the pure joys of childhood.

A visit to Sweeties is an experience you’ll want to relish, ideally multiple times during your stay on Norfolk Island.