The History of Norfolk Island

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The Bounty Mutineers Descendants New Home

Premiered Oct 7, 2023 

In 1856, as Pitcairn Island faced overcrowding, its inhabitants were relocated to Norfolk Island, forever changing the island’s destiny.

Today, Norfolk Island boasts more descendants of the mutineers than even Pitcairn itself, a fact shrouded in a remarkable tale of human migration.

Yet, Norfolk Island’s rich history is not confined to this unique lineage. Nearly half of its current population can trace their roots back to the Pitcairn mutineers, with one-third hailing from the Australian mainland and one-fifth from New Zealand.

But amidst the stunning landscapes and warm community spirit lies a darker past. Norfolk Island has been the site of not one, but two penal colonies, earning it the ominous nickname ‘Hell in the Pacific.’

Here, the British would send their most undesirables, to be penalized in a most dreaded way, and dying on this “God forsaken island.”

It had several prison uprisings, and when guilty were told that they were to be hanged; they fell on their knees, thanking God that their time finally was up.

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