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For devoted coffee aficionados, that “heart-starting” morning ritual is a moment to be cherished and savoured. On the enchanting island of Norfolk, both locals and travellers alike eagerly seek out that perfect steaming cup of their favourite brew. Their quest often leads them to The Olive Café in the charming Village, where the alluring fragrance and mellowness of freshly brewed coffee promises to be a constant companion, whether it’s a leisurely breakfast or a bustling day ahead.

At the helm of this culinary haven is Naomi “Nomes” Thompson, the heart and soul of The Olive Café. Nomes warmly welcomes both loyal patrons and first-time visitors, expertly crafting flat whites, lattes, cappuccinos, and a delightful array of other coffee creations. But the journey at The Olive doesn’t stop at coffee – it’s a journey of hearty, soul-warming meals, complemented by Nomes’ own freshly baked sweet and savory treasures. The café keeps its doors open six days a week, inviting you to make it your ideal hangout and a daytime dining destination, whether you’re a resident or a visitor.

Nomes’ commitment extends beyond her coffee expertise; she takes immense pride in her hard-working Olive team. The café’s mission is clear: to continue crafting exceptional coffee and to showcase the finest seasonal produce Norfolk has to offer. Traditional café classics and innovative dishes with a unique Norfolk twist grace the menu, satisfying both the familiar and the adventurous palate.

Creating a vibrant, welcoming ambiance and unforgettable dining experience is Nomes’ top priority. A confessed “foodie” at heart, she isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, experimenting and tinkering with the menu to keep it fresh and exciting for her cherished customers.

At The Olive Café, it’s more than a dining experience; it’s a celebration of Norfolk’s rich culinary heritage and a testament to Nomes’ unyielding passion for great coffee, delicious food, and a vibrant dining atmosphere.

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Lunch Norfolk Island

Had a wonderful lunch here. the omelet was great and the pancakes were very good. the value was great and the serve was quite large. the restaurant was clean and tidy and the staff were wonderful. would recommend this place to anyone.

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