Norfolk Island Tourism 360 degrees

Welcome to an island that’s not your everyday South Pacific destination.

Whichever way you turn on Norfolk Island, you’ll find 360 degrees of Wonder.

Norfolk Island offers all the things you love about the South Pacific, and a whole lot more.

Around every bend you’ll find a new surprise or twist that will make you rethink your notions of paradise. Our beaches are some of the Pacific’s best, with impossibly clear waters sheltered by teeming coral reefs just a short swim from the sand. But you’ll also discover moody cliffs where waterfalls tumble into the sea and dramatic headlands with views that go on forever.

Our culture, too, is unlike any other in the Pacific, proudly weaving together the DNA of Bounty Mutineers and their Polynesian families. And as for food culture, we’ve been enjoying organic produce and paddock-to-plate dining long before it became ‘a thing’. When it comes to nature, any ol’ island can grow coconut trees. Our island is home to the tallest fern trees on the planet and towering pines that tickle the underbellies of passing clouds, while our lush forests and offshore islands are sanctuaries to some of the world’s rarest birds.

Our South Pacific adventures are truly wild. Norfolk Island’s fish-filled waters will have you reeling in the haul of a lifetime and our empty waves will take you back to a time when surfing had soul. If you prefer adventures on dry land, the Kingston UNESCO World Heritage Site will transport you back through some of the most punishing and daring chapters of Australian and South Pacific history. And right next door, our incredible golf course is the place where modern tales of heartbreak and triumph are born.

What about that legendary South Pacific friendliness? Welcome to an island where our doors are rarely locked and our hearts are always open; a place where wandering cows have right of way, and everyone has time to stop and chat. Many visitors say that a holiday on Norfolk Island is like stepping back in time. We prefer to say it’s like stepping into a better time.

Credit : Norfolk Island Tourism